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Sensei Manoj Shukla

Martial Arts Exp. :

Since 1986


- Main Branch, Unit-6, Bhubaneswar, Odisha




About :

Started training under Shihan S. S. Harichandan when he was at school. Became very dedicated towards the sport and recieved Black Belt in Karate. He also started his own branch at a very young age under ATKS Banner. He is very well remembered for his performance at the Wushu Nationals, particularly in Nanquan (Bare Hand - Tiger Style), Daoshu (Broad Sword) & Qiangshu (Spear).

He is one of the most Senior and Experienced Instructors of Pumas who always keeps an eye on the training procedure at each and every branch throughout. Very Friendly in nature and works with students of all ages teaching them outstanding Self Defence Techniques.

• 6th DAN Black Belt in Karate.

• National Gold Medalist in Kata (Karate) many times.

• Many times National Champion in Wushu - Taolu (Nan Quan & Qiangshu).

• President: Inoue - Ha Shito Ryu Karate, Keishinkai Odisha

• President: Savate Association of Odisha

• Treasurer: PUMAS International

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