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Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport based on kicking and punching, historically developed from karate mixed with boxing.

Kickboxing Sport is a very safe sport recognized by School Games federation of India(SGFI) and All India University(AIU).

Apart from sports Kickboxing is widely popular for its Cardiovascular and fitness benefit.


  • Semi Contact

  • Light Contact

  • Kick Light

  • Full Contact

  • Low Kick

  • K-1

  • Aerokickboxing

  • Musical Forms


  • We follow the rules regulation of the IAKO (National Kickboxing Federation India).

  • Master B. Sushil Kumar ,student of Pumas is the first Bronze medalist from the state at the WAKO World Championship

  • Many Athletes from pumas have been selected for the INDIAN National Kickboxing Team for World Championship every year.

  • PUMAS has been the host for Training camp for Asian Games, World Championships &  many National Championship.

  • IAKO's most prestigious and mega event PRO Kickboxing Championship has been sponsored and hosted under the banner of PUMAS Open in the year of 2005.

  • Our black belts & instructors are technically certified referee/judges.

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