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Youngest Black Belt

Master Varun Mahapatra became India's Youngest Black Belt in Karate and Kickboxing at a very tender age of below 5 years in the year 2004. His accomplishment even made Guinness World Records approach him for the same.

Master Varun Mahapatra started his martial arts career when he was 02 year old after following the footsteps of his elder sisters Varsha & Varkha in the year 2002. His eager to learn and hardwork made him a very good student where he would just catch the movement with only one glimpse. He was very good with weapons and musical forms in his category. He had been National Champion many time in Kickboxing and Karate in Tiny Tots and Sub Junior Category. He had been selected to represent India at WAKO World Cadet Kickboxing Championship at Naples, Italy but unfortunately could attain Visa due to underage.

In 2005, he was awarded the National Child's Award - Excellence in Achievement from Govt. of India for being the Youngest Black Belt in India. He received this prestigious award from Shri. Arjun Singh (Hon'ble Union Minister, HRD) at New Delhi.

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